Anais An International Journal
Once published by the Anais Nin Foundation, an non-profit organization. To see copies of the Journals check with a library or find a Nin collector.

May 30, 2002

To: Subscribers of ANAIS: an International Journal

The Anais Nin Foundation announces regrettably that we are terminating future publications of ANAIS: an International Journal. This is to honor the last wish of Gunther Stuhlmann, before his death in April this year, who had been its sole editor and had heroically dedicated his time and effort bringing out nineteen volumes of the Journal.

Please understand that the checks already received by the Foundation for the next issue of the Journal will not be returned to the senders because we are short of man-power at this time, but these checks will not be cashed. Also we are sorry to announce that we are no longer able to meet your requests for back issues. All activities concerning the Journal will cease from this date.

We thank all the subscribers for the warm and enthusiastic support you have given to the Journal over the last two decades.

Rupert Pole
The Anais Nin Foundation

Anais Nin Foundation
2335 Hidalgo Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039

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"...Immaculately edited and produced...of great value to Nin scholars and fans, as well as to advocates of women's studies. Will benefit students of psychology, film, the modern novel, Japanese and French literature...Highly recommended." --Choice

Gunther Stuhlmann
Gunther Stuhlmann was the editor of Nin's 35,000 page Diaries. He lived in Becket, Massachusetts. He was the editor of Anais: An International Journal, published annually since 1983 until his death in April, 2002.

Paul Herron
Although Paul Herron did not personally know Anais Nin, as publisher of A Book of Mirrors (now out of print) he has developed a site which lists his collaborations with many in Nin's inner circle. He has also single handedly spearheaded perhaps the most important tribute to the formidable Gunther Stuhlmann, Anais Nin's literary agent and editor (who died in 2002) by listing and providing copies of the 19 years of one of his most important legacies Anais: The International Journal. Herron also produced the centennial edition of A Cafe in Space: The Anais Nin Literary Journal. Besides publishing Sharon Spencer, Paul also has published the works of Daisy Aldan who appears in Celebration and was a friend of Nin's.